Goal (Stated): Lead the Twilight Elves to a cure for their curse.

Size: Small but with widespread influence. Nearly 1000 mages and arcanists comprise the Order of Twilight, who are ruled over by the mysterious Twilight Council, 8 members of the order whose identities are unknown even to the council.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Philosophy: “The secrets to unlock our future lie not in the earth or sun, but in the stars. And you cannot see to reach the stars by standing in the light."


Leadership: The Twilight Council; Eight of the most powerful members of the Order of Twilight rule not only the order, but all Shar'thalas. The identities of the individuals on the Council are a mystery even to one another, but as a ruling body their rule is absolute.

Headquarters: Three jagged spires in Shar'sindor known as the Pillars of the Twilight house the members of the Order of Twilight in the capital, and it is rumored the Twilight Council meets in the apex of the central tower.

Activities: The Order of Twilight inducts new members to the order, choosing from those with promising arcane abilities who can add something unique or powerful to their experiments. Under the rule of Prince Sunsworn, the Order of Twilight was tasked with searching for a cure for their curse, and presumably this purpose exists even now that the Order of Twilight controls the Shar'dorei nation.

Enemies: The Dawning Legion is the Order of Twilight's most powerful foe, who violently oppose the Order of Twilight's goals and endeavors. The Order of Twilight also has enemies within itself, as those with power are ever wary of plots against them as they may be suspected of being members of the Twilight Council.

Factions: Eachmember of the Twilight Council can be considered a faction within the Order, each plotting to further their own aims and desires, while fending off other schemes against them, while maintaining their anonymity. Because of the mystery surrounding the Twilight Council and the means to attain that level of power, every member of the Order exists in a constant state of intrigue and paranoia about their fellows.