The first of the chromatic dragons that crawled from the still-burning body of Nelfaros after he plummeted to the earth from the mighty blow of Mirnadros, Seskarix is the oldest and most powerful of the chromatic dragons. He is also the Crimson Aspect of Dominance. He is the father of all Red Dragonkind, and the unquestioned master of the Red Dragonflight.

Amongst mortals, he is more commonly known by the name Pyreclaw, Master of the Red Flight. Very few besides the most learned scholars of draconic lore know him by his title as a Dragon Aspect.

His mate was Charistra, the Scarlet Aspect of Passion, who replaced him as the ruler of the Red Dragonflight after he was possessed by Asmodeus in a bid by the King of Hell to attain godhood. Pyreclaw, as the Avatar of Asmodeus, was grievously wounded by Charistra's Dragonborn and her companions, expelling Asmodeus, and forcing the Aspect of Dominance into torpor.


Seskarix is a truly massive dragon, said to be one of the largest living to date. The size of a small castle, he is truly a terrifying sight to behold.

His scales are dark crimson, almost black, they appear scorched by fire. The membranes of his wings are a deep red, which look like molten rock when the light catches behind him. Along the edges of some of his dark scales, particularly those on his underbelly, are cracks which glow like liquid iron. The horns and frills which sweep back along the sides and top of his head are actually lighter than his body scales, changing from a dark crimson to almost white-hot at the tips. His eyes are solid orbs that glow like red-hot metal. Intense heat radiates from his body, and he can control it to some degree, able to melt stone with his mere presence.

Like other old dragons, Pyreclaw can change shape to take on the form of a mortal. The form he prefers is a tall and powerfully built Belthasian man with black, slicked back hair. Even in this form, his deep crimson eyes give off an unnatural fiery glow.