The god of travel, navigation, adventure, and exploration, Reylan is known as the Grey Roc and is the brother of Ashrael. His temples are few, but his crossroad shrines stand in great numbers across the world. Explorers, vagabonds, nomads, and adventurers are typically drawn to his worship. His commandments are few:

· Never hesitate to take a step out your front door. The road teaches much of yourself and the world around you.

· Be chained to nothing save your own desire to see what lies beyond the horizon.

· When in doubt, follow your feet. They will take you where you are needed most.

The holy symbol of Reylan is a magical compass which always points toward the nearest road or path and his faithful favor polearms and bows.

Reylan's realm is the Wildlands, an infinite untamed wilderness dotted with the echoes of civilizations past, a place where one can spend an eternity exploring.