The goddess of beauty, art, inspiration, and love of all kinds, Lydia delights in love for its own sake whether true or tragic. She is considered a patron of artists and nobles alike (ironically enough), usually not for the love for their betrothed but for the objects of their affairs. Lydia urges her followers to:

· Love to the fullest of your heart’s ability for love is the truest form of expression.

· Love flows from beauty and art, preserve such things forever with your life.

· Destroy anything that threatens to destroy that which you hold dear, otherwise always seek to create.

Lydia’s holy symbol is a crown of roses which never wilt anyone who willingly touches the crown falls hopelessly in love with the bearer. Her followers favor bows.

Lydia's realm lies in a great thicket of rose bushes, in Arboria, known as Rosarium.