The Mercurial PrinceEdit


Also known as the Unbound Son, the Father of Potential, and the Exile, Janus is the god of freedom, choice, potential, and chaos. He is also considered the shaper and original creator of the ephemeral spiritual stuff of the world. It is believed amongst the faithful of Janus that the world is merely a transitory state, a necessary middle ground on the path toward what faithful believe to be the “true world” – the world that was originally created by Janus and destroyed by his father. He never gives commandments, for he desires his followers to be free to seek their own truths, though he urges his followers:

· Be bold and never fear death or pain, for such things are as transitory as joy and pleasure.

· Take your fate into your own hands, and strike out against those who rob others of freedom and choice. Urge others to fight for liberty.

· The true world of formless potential lies just beyond the here and now. Only when the whole world is free from all things will that potential be realized.

The holy symbol of Janus is a sphere of mercurial silver made of the ephemeral stuff of the “first world,” when released it takes the form of that which will free the faithful from what holds them back. Because Janus does not give commandments to his followers, they have no particular preference to one weapon or another.