Shei'nar, or Deep Ones in the Elvish tongue, are a subspecies of Sea Elf with white skin and hair, much like albinos. Unlike their Sea Elf kin, Shei'nar are blind and telepathic, able to see underwater only by echolocation. Some Shei'nar learn to use their natural telepathy as a kind of echolocation and are capable of seeing on the surface, but few leave the deep underwater rifts where they dwell. Shei'nar communicate primarily with eachother through telepathy, only speaking out loud when they come into contact with non-telepathic outsiders.

While they are physically very similar to the Aear'dorei , Shei'nar are pacifists who prefer to keep a distance from their more aggressive kin. They are extremely secretive and maintain almost no contact with outsiders; even the Sea Elves. Their settlements are so deep below the sea and so well hidden that many Sea Elves consider the Deep Ones a myth.